About MAMMA – Impact and benefits

The project provides several benefits to the user. By monitoring and analyzing of load data from the machines it is possible to adjust the maintenance intervals to the utilization. A lower than expected utilization leads to extended maintenance intervals resulting in decreased costs for maintenance. Empirical values from coal mines has shown a reduction of costs in the range of 7.5%. Through an increased availability the downtime can be reduced. In addition faulty machine operating conditions can be avoided leading to longer running times of the machines and a reduced risk of downtime. 

With the new established technologies adapting during the project, the participating companies will be able to offer new services. The institutes will offer new licence for their toolboxes.

Internal values for the partners

  • Opening new market areas
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge through networking
  • Create new jobs
  • Increased customer readiness level
  • Prolonged utilisation of mining machines

Values for the mining industry

  • Reducing the all-in sustaining costs
  • Optimized utilization of the mining machines
  • Optimization of maintenance intervals
  • Early recognition of critical wear and looming damages
  • Prolonged and innovative mining machines utilization

Benefits provided to the wider KIC community

  • The technological cooperation will strengthen the global competitiveness of the European mining industry.
  • Knowledge transfer within the KIC community.
  • Doctoral thesis and diploma thesis will bring new knowledge to the mining industry
  • Create new jobs
  • Mid-term chances for start ups
  • Make use of digitization within the KIC Domain


A further aspect is the measurement and analysis of vibration, which can lead to an increased availability of the machines by a reduced risk of downtime.

By monitoring of road conditions the need for manual road monitoring is reduced leading to lower costs for road monitoring. Through a contemporary improvement of the road conditions there will be less wear on vehicles and less slippage of tires resulting in lower costs for repair, tires and fuel. By reducing dust a better health of the personnel and reduced wear on machines can be expected.

By monitoring the machines it is easier to plan maintenance which directs towards reduced cost for maintenance and reduced stress of the maintenance staff. Furthermore it is possible to gain knowledge conditioned by a better understanding of the machine usage which can be utilized by the machine manufacturer to implement an enhanced machine setup leading to an increased quality and better operating machines.

To get information about narrowing tunnels it is essential to monitor the infrastructure of a mine. An automatic monitoring can reduce the needed time for manual monitoring.

By integrating the data into the existing software the personnel can access the system from the whole mine reducing the time to get information.

The main impact of this project will not only arise for the mine operators, contractors and machine manufactures but also for the involved partners and for the KIC.

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