About MAMMA – Projekt description

Mine operator demands for availability, efficiency and the safety of the machines and mine plan.

This can be achieved with a good maintenance. The costs of maintenance in the case of ore mines are about 10 billion US$ a year. From our experience with coal mines, approx. 7,5% of these costs can be saved by means of monitoring. Out of this, an economizing around 800 million US$ for the mine operators with a derived market of around 100 million US$ per year for our product could be prospected.

In addition, machine producers asks for real load data to optimize their machine construction.

Consulting and engineering companies requested data for process optimization and incident management, too.

To offer their services effective, consultants for optimization (maintenance, process, etc.) are looking forward to a simple access to wear data. The employees of the mines are ready to carry out maintenance jobs well planned. Vocational colleges, research institutes and universities ask for information to point situations out and to prove and optimize their elaborated maintenance strategies.

With consolidation of the already acquired data from controlling, monitoring and surveying systems, these factors of advantage could be enhanced and the further-up listed requirements be solved.

In the course of this, a flexible system will be needed, which can be adjusted to the changes that occur during mine operating time. Therefore, new machines and working situations can be implemented in simple manner and needed information be received more comfortably.

With the new software-products and trends out of big-data areas and Internet of Things, such a system can be composed.


Understanding machinery.